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Data Analysis Tools


Extension plugin of the SNAP program to analyze and process data from GOCI/GOCI-II


(GOCI-ll ToolBoX)

GTBX is an extension plugin of the SNAP program, developed by the European Space Agency (ESA), to analyze and process data from GOCI/GOCI-II.

SNAP is an open source common architecture, suitable for using earth observation data. Access the following link to check the details and download the program.


Role of GTBX

  • Display GOCI data (L1B?L2 HDF-EOS5 file)
  • Display and analyze GOCI/GOCI-II data (L1B?L2 NetCDF4 file)
  • Search ad download desired data
    • Search and download products with the condition of the tag, type, column, or attribute of products
    • Select some dataset or an interested area of the products based on the Thredds Data Server (TDS) and download the data
  • Process L2 products
    • Process the real-time L2 products processing function of the terrestrial system of the Korea Ocean Satellite Center in SNAP offline in the same way
    • Execute the Docker Container through the SNAP Graph Builder (the root authority is required)
GOCI-II Application
GTBX (GOCI-II Tool Box) Sensor-specific Features
  • Remote Data Access
    • OPeNDAP
  • Internal Data Model / Visualization (L0 ~ L2, etc)
  • Off-line L2 Generator
Data Processing & Analysis Platform Visualization (Fast Image Display) GUI
  • Fast Display
  • Analysis
  • Visualization
  • GUI
  • Operator interface Graph Builder
SNAP-Engine Common Utilities Product IO Workflow CLI
  • EO data model, I/O
  • Generic I/O format (NetCDF, HDF, GeoTiff…)
  • Projection
  • Geo-coding
  • Masking
  • CLI
  • Band Maths
  • Image Filter
JVM Runtime Platform (for Windows / Linux)

Main Functions of SNAP

  • Common architecture for all toolboxes
  • Display and explore gigapixel images very quickly
  • Graph Processing Framework (GPF): For creating user defined processing chains
  • Add and control new overlays like images from other bands or WMS or ESRI shapefiles through advanced layer management
  • Define sufficient interested areas for statistics and various plots
  • Define and overlay easy bitmask easily
  • Flexibly calculate bands using an arbitrary equation
  • Perform accurate re-projection and orthogonal correction for general map projections
  • Perform geocoding and correction using ground reference points
  • Automatically download SRTM DEM and select a tile
  • Product library to efficiently scan and classify large archives
  • Support multi-threading and multi-core processors
  • Visualize the integrated WorldWind