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Data Analysis Tools

Satellite Image Products

Introducing satellite image data.

Product Level

[Level 0]
Level 0 data indicates the raw data received from a satellite without correction.
[Level 1A]
Level 1A data indicate the data converted into radiation luminance, a physical quantity that can be used for remote ocean sensing, after removing noise generated by the electrical characteristics of a satellite sensor and performing bolometric correction that adjusts the optical sensitivity of each pixel of the sensor for uniform value.
[Level 1B]
Level 1B data indicate the data that have undergone geometric correction to match the distortion of the geographic information of the Level 1A data to the actual position (latitude/longitude) of the Earth coordinate system.
[Level 2]
Level 2 data indicate the remote reflectance data that have undergone atmospheric correction that extracts less than 10 % sea signals by removing atmospheric signals corresponding to 90 % or more of TOA radiance from the Level 1B data, the ocean color products (e.g. Chl-a, aCDOM, TSM) with the input of the remote reflectance data, and diverse marine/atmospheric/land data algorithm products.

L2 Algorithm and Product

L2 Algorithm and Product
Algorithm Products Products
Input Data Production Cycle Description Unit
AC Atmospheric Correction Rayleigh Corrected Reflectance RhoC L1B One Hour Sea surface reflectance with corrected Rayleigh scattering in the atmosphere
Remote Sensing Reflectance Rrs RhoC One Hour Sea surface reflectance corrected through atmospheric correction sr-¹
IOP Inherent Optical Properties Absorption Coefficients a Rrs One Hour Coefficient of the equation that calculates the degree to which seawater absorbs light m-¹
Backscattering Coefficients bb Rrs One Hour Coefficient of the equation that calculates the degree to which light is scattered in the water in the opposite direction of travel m-¹
OC Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient Kd a, bb One Hour Light Diffusion Attenuation Coefficient m-¹
Secchi Disk Depth Zsd Rrs, Kd One Hour Horizontal Water Clearness m
Chlomrophyll-a Concentration Chl Rrs One Hour Chlorophyll Concentration in Phytoplankton in Seawater mg/m³
Total Susmpended Material Concentration TSS Rrs One Hour Total Suspended Minerals in Seawater g/m³
Absorption coefficient of Colored Dissolved Organic Matter CDOM Rrs One Hour Amount of Organic Matter Dissolved in Seawater m-¹
OCEAN Floating Algae FA RhoC One Hour Amount of Floating Algae, Present on the Surface of Seawater
Marine Fog MF RhoC, SST One Hour Sea Fog Existence
Red Tide Index RI Chl One Hour Red Tide Occurrence Status
Sea Ice SI Rrs One Hour Lump of Ice, Present in the Sea
Primary Production PP Chl, PAR, SS One Day Ratio of energy production in the form of organic compounds, produced through photosynthesis and chemical synthesis for the unit hour in the sea mg, C/m², d
Chlorophyll-a Front CF Chl One Hour Boundary where seawater characteristics are rapidly changed horizontally in the sea. It is formed by meeting two water masses with different properties.
Sea Surface Current SSC Chl One Day Seawater direction, flow rate information cm/s
Low Sea Surface Salinity LSSS Lw(Rrs) One Hour Identification of water masses with low salt concentration, flowing from land, etc.
Fishing Ground Information FGI Chl, SST One Day Index that divides the environment where a fishery is formed into five levels
AERO Aerosol Retrieval Aerosol Optical Depth AOD L1B One Hour Attenuation coefficient of light quantity for light propagation path km-¹
Aerosol Type AT L1B One Hour Aerosol Type (Yellow Sand)
LAND Land Surface Reflectance Land Surface Reflectance LSR L1B, O3, NO2, DEM One Hour Ground surface reflectance corrected through atmospheric correction sr-¹
Surface Reflecance Product SRP LSR One Hour Land surface reflectance with the latest data synthesized for 15 days sr¹
Land Surface Albedo/Fixed Viewing BRDF Adjusted Reflectance/NDVI/EVI Fixed Viewing BRDF-Adjusted Reflectance FVBAR LSR One Hour Normalized reflectance of land surface considering BRDF
Land Surface Albedo LSA BRDF parameter, FVBAR One Day Albedo of land surface
Normalized Difference Vegetation Index NDVI SRP One Day Index indicating the vegetation distribution and characteristics from the optical characteristics of the vegetation area
Enhanced Vegetation Index EVI SRP One Day Enhanced vegetation index based on the MODIS data
Land Cover LC FVBAR, NDVI One Year Land Cover Map
GEOMETRIC Geometric Angle Information GEOMETRIC L1B One Hour Solar Zenith Angle, Solar Azimuth, Satellite Zenith Angle, Satellite Azimuth
GEOGRAPHIC Geographic nformation GEOGRAPHIC L1B Static Data land_mask (land, coast, sea), bathymetry (depth+altitude), latitude and longitude